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Personal Sanskrit Companion - kids

Amazing rhymes, stories, shlokas, games and activities.

    1. The common goal of human life is to understand the purpose of life and to attain happiness.
    2. One of the routes to achieve this goal is through studying and attaining the knowledge, which can help us identify our purpose of life and
     also help us with the real-permanent happiness.
    3. Samskṛta-vidyā is the only knowledge which gives us humility || या विनयम् ददाति, सा एव विद्या || and which liberates us || सा विद्या या विमुक्तये ||,
     thereby giving us the eternal bliss. Other degrees and knowledge give us ego and bondage.
    4. This Personal Sanskrit Companion contains e-learning tools and courses which help gain entry to the knowledge of Sanskrit.
    5. Any knowledge learnt at young age is invaluable. If that learning is enjoyable and pleasant, it creates a life-long interest and commitment to
     the subject. Hence this PSC for kids is a great treasure which can make their life very happy always.

Personal Sanskrit Companion has the following features:

1. 1. Specially created content with A4, E2 & C2. i.e.

    a. Authentic content prepared by experts, High value yet Affordable material and content which can be accessed Anytime, Anywhere.
    b. The audio, video, animations, games etc, make this content Engaging and Effective.
    c. Comprehensive and Customized content for each type of learner.

2. Specific tools to support sharpening of Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Comprehension and Composition skills.

3. Due to a perfect and unique combination of audio, visual, activity, games, charts, e-books, animations, text and other features – learner can learn
 in lesser time and lesser effort.

4. Support can be requested where needed through Vyoma support line. (details in ‘contact us’ section)

This Personal Sanskrit Companion – For Kids (upto 10years) contains 18 SECTIONS including a deep learning section containing the complete Vocabulary Builder product.

  • The above content is divided into Basic and Higher Learning.
  • There are 11 Basic modules and 19 Higher learning modules.
  • Some sections have both and some have only Basic or Higher learning.
  • There are around 1300+ items, 360 lessons, 120+ activities, with a running duration of 1400+ minutes (around 25hours) With regular and committed learning, the content herewith can be enjoyed over a period of few years.
  • Kindly refer the suggested curriculum sheet on how to use this product.

The Kids PSC contains the following study material

1. RHYMES (B1) BASIC , (H1) HIGHER Engaging Sanskrit video and audio rhymes
2. BHAJANS (B2)BASIC , (H2) HIGHER Soothing Divine Bhajans for nourishing self
3. SHLOKAS (B3) BASIC , (H3) HIGHER Daily shlokas to enhance pronunciation, memory, etc.
4. BHAGAVADGITA (B4) BASIC , (H4) HIGHER 12th Chapter Gita and Dhyana Shlokas.
5. RAMAYANAM (B5) BASIC , (H5) HIGHER Simple Ramayana Shlokas for health and knowledge.
6. SUBHASHITAS (H6) HIGHER Words of wisdom.
7. STORIES (B6) BASIC , (H7) HIGHER , (H8) Puranic Stories Value education stories.
8. DINACARI (H9) HIGHER 53 selected shlokas for daily routine activities.
9. SANKHYAS (B7) BASIC , (H10) HIGHER Sanskrit numbers with activities.
10. VOCABULARY (H11) HIGHER Animals, Birds, Parts of the body, and many more.
11. SANSKRIT SOUNDS (H12) HIGHER Basic Sanskrit letters.
12. NOUN FORMS (H13) HIGHER Sanskrit Noun forms.
13. EXPERIENCE LIVE TEACHING (H14) HIGHER 2 Videos from Online shloka class.
14. WRITE (B8) BASIC Innovative writing tool.
15. PRONOUNCE (B9) BASIC Innovative Pronunciation tool.
16. BOOKS (B10)BASIC , (H15)HIGHER Shishugeethani book.
17. MORE VOCABULARY LEARNING (H16) HIGHER Vocabulary Builder tool - 1.
Engaging games to sharpen the knowledge.

    Note: Please understand the ‘readme’ file before starting to use the product.
    Note: In case there is a font display issue - kindly do the following steps: Instruction for the Font Installation-
    1. Open the pen-drive, locate the font file named "Roboto-Medium".
    2. Select and Copy it. (Ctrl+C Or Right Click and select Copy option)
    3. Go to Control Panel. (Locate it by searching at the Start and open it.)
    4. Locate the "Fonts" folder. Click open.
    5. Now, paste the font already held in Copy.
    6. Shutdown and restart the computer for updating the fonts.
    This helps to view the letters perfectly.

A few points which can help effective usage of PSC are :

    1. Allocate regular time for study of Samskritam through PSC. It can be daily or weekly slots as per your time-table.
    • Kindly refer the suggested curriculum in the User Manual section for effective implementation of the PSC.
    2. Take a printout of the Progress Tracker and affix in your study area. Through this, your progress could be tracked.
    3. Each module can be undertaken for 2 months, 4 months or 6 months – depending on the student’s proficiency, time and effort.
    4. For online shloka class, links have been provided for content to be taken from www.sanskritfromhome.in.
     The introductory lessons/videos have been provided to know about the course. This is done keeping in mind the pen-drive size.
     A higher-size pen-drive would increase the cost of the product further.
    5. In certain categories, (not for kids) private examinations have been inter-woven in the curriculum, to facilitate systematic learning and
     external assessment.
     The same need to be pursued for enhanced learning experience. These can be taken from any recognized board like,
     Surasaraswathi Sabha-Sringeri, Samskrita Bhasha Pracharini Sabha-Chittoor or Samskrita Bharati. Content for all these exams are being
     enabled in www.sanskritfromhome.in (SFH) gradually by Vyoma Labs. Please refer the respective courses.


    1. It is Highly recommended to first finish Basic portions of all sections and then start the Higher-learning sections
    2. It is Highly recommended to have parental supervision and guidance while using these products. Limited screen time is safe for kids
    3. There may be some questions/ lessons which the student may not be able to comprehend/ play. It is advised that parents introduce
     these topics to kids
    4. At the end of every module, kindly press the back button in your browser to go to the previous selection screen
    5. Face to Face learning which is learning under a Guru is the best method of learning Sanskrit.
     However in the absence of a Guru; a child can treat this PSC as its Guru. Parents who don’t know Sanskrit can definitely guide their
     children using this tool; since this has the learning path associated with the same.
    6. This has a combination of audio, video, activities to make Sanskrit learning fun and effective for kids.
    7. Some of the content have been repeated for revision and reinforcement.
    8. Please contact us for online competition or assessement and certification (contact details below)
    9. Note: < This pen drive works only in Windows Operating System >

    1. Content is developed and powered by Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation.
    2. Vyoma contents have been developed, with very high investment, by expert scholars, academicians, technology wizards and project
     management specialists.
    3. It is being utilized and experienced by sincere students.

    1. Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation, (VLLF), is a non-profit company under Section 25 (Sec 8), established in 2012, working for producing Sanskrit e-learning content.
    1. The company’s vision is to spread the message of Saṃskṛta, Saṃskṛti and Saṃskāra to every individual.
    1. The company has produced over 20+ instructionally designed, Sanskrit e-learning tools which are authentic, effective and engaging. These are produced by qualified Sanskrit Linguistic scholars possessing rich academic experience, with the help of technology professionals.
    1. The company also has 100+ free online courses to continue Sanskrit learning to advanced levels.
    1. These tools and courses are woven into a comprehensive and customized Sanskrit Language Lab for the benefit of Sanskrit learners.
    1. With over 15,000 committed learners, 1000+lessons and 110+ structured courses, SFH is the largest repository of online e-learning content for Sanskrit (as of Jan 2020)

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Sevavratees can refer other interested learners to buy these products and continue their Sanskrit learning.

We acknowledge the content developed by various scholars, teachers, organizations which have been used in this Personal Sanskrit Companion

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     Foundation. Unauthorized use, distribution, copying, reproduction, multiplication, lending, adaptation or synchronization or any other use of
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    2. Effectiveness of learning achieved by the students is proportional to the time and effort spent by the teachers and learners.
    3. While Vyoma takes every care to ensure best and accurate content, Vyoma would not be responsible for any liability or damage caused due
     to varied content.
    4. Vyoma does not guarantee any achievements or opportunities due to the usage of these tools
    5. The maximum liability of Vyoma would be restricted to the extent of the replacement or equivalent value of this product.
    6. There are videos which are extracted from live webinars, hence the audio may be minimal. We recommended use of headsets/external
     speakers for best experience.
    7. The videos loading depends on the internet connectivity,we appreciate your patience to enjoy this.
    8. There are high resolution content (pictures or videos) in some parts of this portal. These may take some-time for loading. We thank you for your patience.
    9. This entire product is best viewed on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. Some fonts may appear differently in other browsers..

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